Banksia Montessori Redesign Launched

Banksia Montessori School Website Redesigned Banksia Montessori School had a website that had an out of date design and was hard to update with new content and new design. They asked me to rebuild their website, and over a month a prototype website was built, with...

Website Launched: Superannuation Rescue

Website Launched: Superannuation Rescue David Boyle hired me to produce his website detailing his SMSF (self managed superannuation fund) services. The website was built in 3 iterations (2 drafts, which were refined into a final 3rd design). If you have any SMSF...

SEO explained (to boost your website traffic)

Google collects information about every page on the web so people can locate what they need. If you’re a website owner then search results matter and you need higher rankings to get found. Make sure your website has the right ingredients to rank higher by using search...
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