Need Website Help?

Are you tired of broken websites, hacked websites, websites you can’t update yourself, or web designers who go missing?

Do you want a website that is always online, always up to date, can be edited by you, and is safe and secure from being hacked?

If you want the ability to edit your own website, then your website designer will most often install a CMS for you (content management system). The most common CMS is WordPress. WordPress regularly releases updates to its core software, and themes and plugins. Themes are templates that control the page layout, and plugins extend the functionality.

If these updates are not applied, then over time your website becomes increasingly vulnerable to becoming hacked.

It’s not hard to apply updates. It takes 3 clicks in most situations.

However, sometimes things go wrong, and a website backup will need to be restored, to restore the website to proper working order.

Do you want to be responsible for regular maintenance and software updates of your CMS, or would you like a customer-friendly website professional to handle this for you?

It’s not expensive. It only costs $24/month. What do you get for your money?

  1. Timely updates to WordPress core software, themes and plugins.
  2. Technical troubleshooting to ensure your website is error free.
  3. Website backups, and corresponding website restorations in case of emergency.
  4. Optimal website security.
  5. Optimal website performance – webpage load time will be decreased to a minimum.