This is an announcement for a new website owner’s group forum I’m thinking of putting together so that website owners can benefit from sharing knowledge on:

  • website marketing techniques
  • website search engine optimisation techniques
  • website design, production, maintenance & troubleshooting techniques

I’m currently gauging if there is enough interest in this group forum.

The group forum will be restricted to paying members, to ensure quality of discussion, and to cover costs. The membership fee will be around $45 month for unrestricted access to a community of website owners to help with the topics listed above.

The group forum will be moderated by me, Steve Doig, a veteran of website troubleshooting.

If you’re interested in joining and want to jump on board for an early bird discount, I’m creating a Founding Members group, who will:

  1. have access to the group forum at a special discount (locked in at a grandfathered rate which avoids future price increases)
  2. receive benefits that future members will not receive

All you have to do is raise your hand and put up a $50 two-way refundable deposit.

The deposit is two-way refundable, meaning if down the track you decide you don’t want to join, or if I decide not to go through with the group forum, you get your money back.

Join the group as a Founding Member.

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