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Steve Doig“You’re guaranteed more Google traffic within 30 days. This free consultation reveals how.”

– Steve Doig, Founder, Webby Website Optimisation

Dear Business-Owner:

If you’re missing customers on Google, please call 0422 949 434.

Arrange a free SEO consultation and discover:

  • Which keywords will boost your rankings fastest – and how?
  • Who is linking to your website? (And should you be concerned?)
  • What Google thinks of your homepage, but would never tell you out loud.
  • Are your headings killing your results? How to fix them fast.
  • What mistakes to avoid after Google’s 2021 updates?
  • How to make your website title a “Google Page 1 Magnet.” (Local businesses must do this )

SEO is a minefield of traps and pitfalls, outdated wisdom and so-called “professionals” lurking around every corner. So I don’t expect you to trust me right away…

Your free consultation immediately reveals your biggest SEO problems.

It brings everything together in a way that’s relevant to you.

And you’re under no obligation whatsoever.

This SEO roadmap has led to some astonishing results:

A Mano Florals – a Perth florist – saw online sales increase 317% within 12 months. He’s now on Google’s Page 1 for his 20 top keywords. Customers stay on his website 23.86% longer, while new visitors QUADRUPLED.

A mining trade journal boosted Adsense revenues by 91%. This happened in only 1 month!

A tiny hobby blog – introvert.org – got 5,275% more traffic in just 6 months and attracted 5,663.64% more new visitors.

Now, I absolutely GUARANTEE to boost your rankings within 30 days.

To achieve this, I use SEO tools rarely mentioned in ebooks and articles online.

What’s more, many of these little-known secrets are new for July 2021.

    You cannot get this information anywhere else.

It’s why doing this alone is so infuriating.

You read everything … try everything … but can never figure out …

“Why does Google hate me?!”

For most businesses, SEO is like being stuck outside a snobby nightclub.

You’re desperate for Page 1 “access.”

You’re doing everything possible to please Google.

You’ve read piles of SEO claptrap, but it’s a dark cesspool of conflicting information.

Your website may even be dressed to impress. You’ve spent a fortune on a slick design and rapid hosting – sparing no expense. But you’re STILL left out in the cold.

Adding insult to injury, you see rivals getting “VIP” treatment.

Google opens the rope barrier and ushers them past you.

It’s frustrating, humiliating and unless you fix it soon…

crippling for your business.

It’s why you must call 0422 949 434.

93% of customers begin their research with a search engine.

Yet 75% of them NEVER click beyond Page 1.

(Source: https://neilpatel.com/blog/first-page-google/ )

Quite simply, if you’re not at the front, you’re nowhere.

Every second, oceans of customers are passing you by.

They don’t even know you exist.

Thankfully, after diagnosing your SEO issues, they’re relatively easy to fix.

“Steve is a fantastic web developer and has a phenomenal knowledge of SEO and digital marketing. I really look forward to working with him again.”

Dean W

“Steve is my ‘go to’ guy for anything website related. He fixes everything in a timely manner and nothing is too much trouble. I have no hesitation recommending Steve to other business owners.”

Emma G

Fast, high quality and professional service. Very pleased with the end result of our new websites. Thank you for your friendly service, easy to deal with attitude, professionalism and expertise.”

Angie C

What’s more, the results are astonishing:

Fixing your SEO diverts a river of traffic your way.

You move further, faster, with dramatically less effort.

Even fledgling “side hustles” have been transformed into serious moneymaking enterprises.

It works if you’re a rank beginner.

Even if you don’t know what your top keywords are!

Whatever your situation, please call 0422 949 434.

Don’t make these dangerous SEO mistakes

Why is so much SEO advice dead wrong?

Because Google is always changing. You only have to look back a few weeks:

In June 2021, Google released a new “Page Experience Update.” Is this pushing your rankings lower? Your free consultation gives you answers.

You’re also shown timeless ways to improve your position, safeguarding you from future updates.

As a business owner, you surely appreciate what this means.

You’re already wearing multiple hats – doing the work of 3 or 4 full-time jobs.

You cannot keep up with these constant changes. Nor can you easily know who’s best placed to help. And SEO mistakes are often painfully expensive.

Did you know, some fly-by-night “experts” use Private Blog Networks (PBNs) to spoof your rankings higher?

Linking to your website – from blogs they control – tricks Google into boosting your position.

Of course, it NEVER lasts.

Once Google gets wise, it swats you like a fly.

Moreover, this damage is often permanent.


Your FREE consultation only reveals Google-friendly ways to boost your rankings

You do not risk your credibility with Google – nor any other search engine. My track record is so consistent, I have a 100% 5-Star Rating on ‘Word of Mouth.’ Many clients have worked with me for decades:

“Steve has assisted me for twenty of my 78 years, in the most generous way. He is an outstanding IT Guru with a great talent for solving problems.

He is very ethical, extremely generous and totally reliable.”

– John R. B.

“He increased our website load speed by 800% and got us onto the first page of Google. He is professional and efficient. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.”

– Jamie R

“He is always looking for options to improve my website and has made the necessary changes that I would never have thought of! I’m happy with the low cost of his ongoing services.”

– Brett C

If you’re anything like them, SEO is a monster under your bed.

You know this problem is harming your business, but don’t want to face it alone.

Your free consultation gives you immediate, expert clarity.

And it’s not nearly as scary as you might think.

Every website I’ve seen has a handful of easy fixes.

For example, one simple check is your “time to first byte.”

Almost nobody knows their score on this.

Yet it’s a key measure used by Google to determine your position.

Put these tricks to work and watch Google roll out the red carpet to Page 1.

If you’re invisible on Google, you cannot delay

Every customer you miss is a gift for your competitors.

And remember: you lose much more than a single sale.

Previous buyers are 3-8 times more likely to buy again.

If your rivals keep beating you on Google, you are losing these lifetime customers.

It’s happening now and every second.

Worse, the longer you’re invisible, the harder it is to fix.

Because whenever customers don’t choose you, Google counts it against your ranking.

Your fastest way to break this vicious circle is to call 0422 949 434.

Are you using pay per click advertising?

If so, this FREE consultation is even more valuable to you.

Improving your SEO pays you back even faster.

ZOG Digital, a marketing agency, combined SEO with its pay-per-click campaigns.

(Source: https://searchengineland.com/seo-can-create-budget-efficiencies-paid-searchcampaigns-277100 )

They found it reduced the cost of each click – from $2.06 to $1.18.

    An immediate 42% saving.

What if your advertising costs suddenly fell by this much?

What would it mean for you?

Don’t waste another cent dealing with SEO problems. Call 0422 949 434 now

Arrange your FREE no-obligation consultation, revealing:

  • Your SEO problems
  • How to fix them
  • What to do next

If you’re near Perth, I can visit you on-site.

Often, this helps me uncover “hidden” keywords, giving you an unrivalled advantage.

But wherever you are, please don’t delay.

Call 0422 949 434 to schedule your free SEO diagnostics consultation now.

This should take roughly 30 minutes.

Afterwards, you unlock a vault of profitable ideas you won’t get anywhere else.


Free Bonus SEO checklist for your business

Your SEO checklist is tailored to your exact issues.

It’s built using expensive analytics software your rivals probably don’t have.

Everything applies to your business now – in July 2021.

Most important on this list is your “10 keywords to optimize.”

I don’t know of any faster way to get traffic to your website. In fact…

Should you hire me to help, I GUARANTEE to boost your rankings on these exact search terms. You see a net improvement across these 10 phrases – within 30 days –  or you don’t pay.

You’ll soon see why other businesses have said the following:

“I cannot speak highly enough of his work. He is very prompt with his communications, be it by phone or email. His work is precise, of high quality and again very timely.”

Robert G

“Extremely prompt, efficient and well priced. I will definitely use Webby again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.”

Jayde C

“His ability to problem solve in the website arena is unmatched by many… The feedback about my website from the general public as well as from my peers was that the navigation and functionality were highly improved as well as the overall feel of my website. Steve offered an amazing service.”


However, you’re under absolutely no obligation to work with me.

Your SEO consultation and checklist are both yours – FREE – whatever you decide next.

     So why delay?

STOP trawling through endless e-books, getting hopelessly confused.

STOP trying to make sense of SEO articles written before 2021.

STOP wasting time applying all this overwhelming theory.

Take the first – easy – step to climb Google’s rankings.

Just call 0422 949 434 now to begin.


Steve Doig
Founder, Webby Website Optimisation
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