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search engine optimisation Perth

A website’s search engine ranking (say on Google) is highly affected by how many websites link to your own website.

That is, the more incoming links to your website, the higher your search engine rankings will be.

Search engines like Google believe that a link to your website is a vote of confidence in your website, and so your website will be rewarded by a higher ranking on the search results page.

However, not all links to your website are equal.

Links from websites that have their own high quality back links are better than websites with a poor amount (or poor quality) of back links.

Essentially, you want links coming from a higher density and higher quality network than links from a sparsely populated and poor quality network.

We have the tools to decide which websites would be good to receive links from.  We then go about building incoming links from those websites to your website.  We call this getting ‘good link juice’.

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