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A Comprehensive Audit to Identify Opportunities on Your Website That Will Drive Business Growth

website audit

If you’re looking for ways to grow your business through your website, start with an audit.

A comprehensive audit covers everything from the high-level strategy outlined on your website (like your messaging & sales process) all the way down to the lower-level technical elements (like your site speed).

That’s because the quality of your customers’ experience equally depends on both.

  • If your messaging doesn’t support your strategy, your site won’t be much more than a digital business card.
  • If your site isn’t quick, secure, and well designed, the poor user experience will degrade your value.  

Both will cause your customers to look seek out your competitors.

If you’re looking to drive growth, but you’re unsure of what matters…

Our audit will give you the direction that you’re looking for.

Within 48 hours and a small investment of $1250, you’ll know exactly what’s working well on your site, and where it can be improved.

The audit will tell you what the most impactful changes to your website would be. These suggestions use your business objectives as a foundation to identify opportunities and obstacles to digital growth.

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Improve Your Understanding of What Will Drive Your Site’s Growth

Because there are several elements that affect your site’s performance, this audit is designed to educate you on the ones that you don’t really understand, and to reinforce the ones that you do.

All our recommendations inside of the audit are actionable. This means we tell you exactly what we suggest you change. No need to decipher any technical jargon. We speak to you in normal (non-developer) language.

The audit focuses on 4 key areas

Digital Alignment with Business

Is it clear who your business serves and how it’s different from your competition? In this section of the audit, we’ll review whether or not your website supports your overall business goals.

Marketing & Sales Infrastructure

When someone searches your keywords, where does your website show up? Does your site have a solid marketing infrastructure? In this section of the audit, we’ll review how well your site is using technical SEO features and whether or not your marketing infrastructure is adequate for collecting data and converting leads.

Customer Journey & Experience

Is it clearly stated what your business does and what you’re asking the viewer to do? In this section of the audit, we’ll review whether or not your site’s organization, navigation, messaging, and calls to action align with your business goals.

Site Health

Is your site at risk of being hacked? How fast does it load? In this section of the audit, we’ll review your hosting, plugins and theme for any glaring issues and whether or not you have adequate systems in place to minimize site downtime and prevent hacker attacks.


Once you’ve reviewed the audit with our account strategist, if you don’t feel like we have identified opportunities that will make a significant difference to your business, we’ll refund you the cost.