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Don’t know how to get the keywords you use in your CPC campaign into your landing page? Read on to discover the solution.

If you’re setting up your Adwords or Bing Ads with many different keywords in an Ad Group, you may face a problem: how to get the keyword that triggered the ad into your landing page text?

What helps this problem is that Adwords and Bing Ads have a keyword parameter that can be passed to the landing page URL, and this keyword can be grabbed and displayed.

For instance, imagine your landing page is

In Adwords, you can add the following to your destination URL: &keyword={keyword}, so that your destination URL becomes:{keyword}

Adwords automatically substitutes {keyword} with the actual keyword or key phrase used to trigger the ad that the user clicked on.

If you’re using WordPress, all you need now is the Dynamic Keyword Insertion plugin to grab the keyword and display it.

To this, you would activate the plugin, then insert the following shortcode where you want the keyword to display:

default phrase

If the keyword parameter is not found, the default phrase will be inserted.

You can even use multiple keywords.

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