Telling the right people about your business can be a daunting task. Targeting an exact audience on top of running your business can feel like a lot, especially when you don’t even know where to start. Luckily, there are cheap, easy-to-implement marketing solutions that you can do in just a few spare minutes every day.

Loyalty Marketing

Almost everywhere you shop offers a loyalty program these days. From restaurants and movie theaters to hotels and airlines, it’s becoming more and more uncommon for a business to not have a loyalty program ready for customers to join.  Loyalty programs are easy to implement and they’re the best way to collect in-depth customer information.

People love it when offers feel personalized, so combining the customer data you collect with loyalty rewards and offers that match their purchase history means they will be more likely to come back and redeem them. Send your best customers emails or text messages with special offers regularly to help turn them into even more frequent customers. Don’t forget to add expiration dates to your offers as well. This creates a sense of urgency which will encourage customers to come visit your business sooner.

Social Media

With sites that are open for anyone to join, it can seem like social media marketing would be a piece of cake. But making your business visible to potential customers can be a real challenge, especially when you don’t have someone dedicated to your accounts. Making sure that you’re posting content that’s relevant to your business on sites your audience typically visits is the most important part of any social media strategy.

If you’re an antique store, sharing links to stories about unique antiques found around the world is a great way to engage with your audience. A furniture store could share the latest interior design trends to help potential customers envision a new, updated living space. And no matter what kind of business you run, remember to never ever post a blurry photo.

Google Business Listings

Easily one of the most important and easy-to-manage aspects of your business’ online presence is its Google listing. The information that pops up on the right side when someone Googles your name is the first source of information they see, which is why it needs to be accurate and regularly checked. Adding or claiming your Google Business listing is easy and, once you’ve gained access, you’ll be able to add good images, add or adjust your open hours, respond to Google reviews, and much more.

Just by using these simple marketing tools to your advantage, your business will be well on it’s way to attracting a crowd of new customers, as well as keeping your current customers coming back for even more. Your business is more than just a collection of products for sale. Make sure people—especially your current and potential customers—know that.

On – 14 Jul, 2017. By Haley Whisennand

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