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Bib and Tucker

INDUSTRY: Hospitality (Restaurant)

Bib and Tucker

Project Summary: The owner of Bib and Tucker Restaurant, Eamon Sullivan, contacted me to create a website for the newly built Bib and Tucker restaurant in Fremantle. I had built the first iteration of the website for Louis Baxters Cafe (in Subiaco), which he was part owner of at the time. I went to high school with the other part owner at the time, Laki Baker, and offered to build the website for Laki.

Eamon provided an example website he admired and asked me to create something similar for Bib and Tucker. We agreed on WordPress as a platform for the Bib and Tucker website, and the custom theme was created over the course of about 3 weeks, while I was working full time in IT technical support. The same theme would take around 1 week to develop now I am working full time for Webby Website Optimisation.

Programming Languages: HTML, CSS, PHP


Steve created a website just the way we wanted it and also made it mobile friendly. He has worked with us along the way to make adjustments to the website as the way we wanted to take bookings has changed, and we rely on Steve for our WordPress maintenance.

Steve coordinated a technical support response to an email outage our website faced and also removed a virus on the website while our website was temporarily maintained by another party.

Steve is friendly, polite & professional, and we are happy we hired him to build and maintain our website.

– The team @ Bib and Tucker Restaurant



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April 3, 2016

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