Quest Renovations

Quest Renovations

INDUSTRY: Trade (Carpentry)

Quest Renovations

Project SummaryQuest Renovations were formally known as Mark the Carpenter. They needed some expertise after finding someone to move their website quite cheaply from to That person performed quite a poor job. Quest contacted me, as they had been happy with the quality of my work in the past to resolve problems on the old website. I was able to resolve problems on the new website quite quickly. This included:

  • Virus removal caused by the old website using an old WordPress theme, that was no longer supported by the theme developer. Such themes are vulnerable to being hacked, as the theme developer is not updating the theme with the best new WordPress security practices.
  • Migration to a new professional theme. This theme is fully supported by the theme developer. The migration to the new theme involves theme configuration, which is sometimes quite tricky, as you need to navigate a Customize screen to set up theme colours, fonts, layout settings etc.
  • When the theme’s inbuilt Customize screen reaches its limits, and the changes you want cannot be made by pressing a button, the theme will need to be professionally customised by editing the HTML and CSS contained within the theme. This was done to change the vertical menu below to the horizontal menu.

Programming Languages HTML, CSS, PHP


We had previously used Webby Website Optimisation to maintain our old website and had always found his service the best in the industry.

We then used Webby Website Optimisation to create our new website and found yet again his service honest, prompt and well-priced. It’s great to have found someone trustworthy we can rely upon.

– Jayde Cantamessa, Quest Renovations.

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