1. Download FileZilla using the green download button.
  2. Run the file you just downloaded to install FileZilla.
  3. Once it is installed, start it using the new shortcut in your Start menu.
  4. Once it is open, goto File > Site Manager
  5. Click on New Site
  6. Give the site a name.
  7. On the right, in the General tab, enter in the host, user, and password fields.
  8. Press OK
  9. Underneath the File menu is a button to open the Site Manager.  To the right of this is a drop down button.  Click the drop down button, and then select the site you’ve just created in Site Manager.  This will connect your PC to the website over FTP (file transfer protocol).  When you browse a website in your web browser, you connect over HTTP (hyper text transfer protocol).
  10. On the left in Local Site, browse to where you’ve saved the file you want to upload.
  11. On the right, browse to the destination folder you wish to upload to.
    (First, you may need to change to/httpdocs which is the website root.)
  12. What you see on the right is the live website, so be careful not to delete anything.
  13. Double click on the file on the left to transfer it to the current folder on the right.
  14. If all goes well you should see Successful Transfers (1) at the bottom.
  15. This completes your lesson on how to upload a file to your website.
  16. Poor yourself a whiskey for a job well done!

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